Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Your Fault!!!

I remember that in the past I often blamed people for many bad things I experienced in life.

"Because of you I am now suffering.."
"Because of you we are now divorced.."
"Because of you I lost my job.."
"It's all your fault!!"

This is the advice that my friend gave me:

When you are driving your car and you see the fuel indicator turns red (indicating that the fuel tank is almost empty), what do you do? Do you start blaming your car because it uses too much patrol? Or, you start looking for a Petrol Station to fill up your fuel tank?

Who will suffer if you keep blaming your car instead of buying some more fuel?

If you keep blaming other people, you are the only person who will suffer.

Now I can feel the difference. I feel happier because I stop blaming people. Instead, I tell myself that I am responsible for anything that has happened to me

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